MrBeast Reveals That The “Shock Face” Youtube Thumbnail Is No Longer Effective

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has disclosed that keeping his mouth closed in YouTube thumbnail images is actually boosting viewership of his videos.

In recent years, MrBeast has demonstrated his prowess in understanding the intricacies of the YouTube algorithm. Armed with this knowledge, Jimmy has garnered over 100 million subscribers on his primary channel alone, with millions more spread across his network.

After experimenting with various thumbnail styles for his latest YouTube videos, MrBeast shared on Twitter/X what appears to resonate most with his fans. MrBeast’s audience prefers thumbnails with his mouth closed

On September 6, 2023, MrBeast revealed that he employed YouTube’s thumbnail testing feature to determine which facial expression garnered the most views on his videos. His findings indicate that his audience prefers thumbnails in which his mouth is closed.

“I closed my mouth on all my thumbnails, and watch time increased on every video, lol,” he remarked. “Now, my mouth is closed in all my thumbnails, but the battle has just begun. We must persist until everyone’s thumbnails feature closed mouths.”

When uploading a video to YouTube, every element, from the thumbnail to the contents of the description, can potentially impact the performance of the video within the site’s algorithm.

Creators on YouTube have long used the “shock face” expression in their thumbnails. However, it appears that Donaldson’s new revelation may have another significant influence on the platform.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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