Spanish Instagram Model Risks Her Life To Take Photos In Beautiful Secluded Cave

An Instagram model is facing criticism after posting multiple pictures of herself swimming in a perilous and restricted cave located in the Canary Islands.

Marina Rivera Saldaña, a well-known Spanish influencer and Instagram model with nearly two million followers on Instagram and over 7 million TikTok fans, has come under scrutiny due to her recent social media posts.

On September 1, Saldaña shared a series of photos featuring herself inside a cave with a stunning backdrop of azure waters. In some of these images, she can be seen swimming in the water, captioning the photos with, “I’m a little mermaid from Makoo.”

Despite the picturesque setting, numerous commenters pointed out that Saldaña was actually swimming in an extremely hazardous location.

To be more precise, Marina was taking a dip in the renowned El Tancón cave situated in Santiago del Teide, Tenerife, within the Canary Islands – a group of Spanish islands near Morocco.

While the cave is undeniably beautiful, it is also perilous, with reports of six individuals losing their lives at the site as of 2021, according to the New York Post.

In fact, the cave is so treacherous that it is officially off-limits to tourists due to the presence of a “bufadero,” also known as a ‘blow hole.’ This geological formation can create “unpredictable” currents and complicates rescue efforts for individuals inside.

Commenters expressed strong opinions regarding Saldaña’s recent photoshoot, with many condemning her for visiting such a deadly and restricted area solely for the purpose of taking pictures.

One user commented, “Bathing is forbidden there. We are tired of tourists who do not respect our land.”

Another individual remarked, “It appears to me to be a lack of respect that you are swimming in a place that is PROHIBITED, which is FENCED and has POSTED SIGNS prohibiting swimming, and you enter just for the photos, and on top of that, you share it. People have lost their lives where you are, and it is not a suitable area for swimming.”

“I don’t understand why they disregard all safety measures for a photo; it’s unfortunate,” another comment stated.

Regardless, the Spanish beauty seems to have gotten exactly what she wanted, which were some great photos, as well as a lot of people talking about it.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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