Simp Fan Offers Corinna Kopf $175k To Put Her Feet On His Face For 1 Hour

Streamer and OnlyFans sensation Corinna Kopf had the opportunity to earn a substantial sum when a fan proposed paying her $175,000 for the privilege of having her place her feet on his face for an hour.

Corinna Kopf is a well-known streamer on the platform Kick, boasting over 92,000 followers on this emerging broadcasting platform. She previously livestreamed on Facebook Gaming and made frequent appearances in David Dobrik’s YouTube vlogs. Additionally, she has established a significant presence on OnlyFans, as indicated by bank statements shown in one of Dobrik’s vlogs, revealing that she earns anywhere from $680,000 to $2.3 million per month from the platform.


this is absolutely insane hahaha @corinnakopf @zane

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Kopf recently found herself facing a potentially lucrative opportunity when a fan extended an offer that seemed too good to be true. In early September, she shared a message from a fan who had expressed a willingness to provide her with nearly $200,000 in exchange for the unique experience of having her feet on his face for an hour.

The fan’s message read, “I’d give $175,000 tomorrow for an hour with your feet on my face.”

However, Kopf was skeptical about the authenticity of the offer and believed that the fan might have been making an empty proposition. Nonetheless, she made it clear that if the offer were genuine, she would have unhesitatingly accepted it, stating, “Imagine if this was a real offer. I’m taking this. I will do this.”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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