Pokimane & Bowblax In Public Twitter Spat After Sexualization Accusations

Twitch sensation Pokimane didn’t hold back in responding to YouTuber Bowblax, who had accused her of producing sexualized content, a claim that was entirely unfounded.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is a prominent Twitch broadcaster, holding the distinction of being the platform’s most-followed female streamer and ranking among its top ten overall.

Throughout her career, she has navigated speculation about her dating life and faced critiques about her appearance. From participating in a makeup-free viral stream to explaining her decision to keep her love life private, Pokimane has staunchly guarded her personal boundaries and stood up for herself.

However, like many other female streamers, she has had to take extra precautions to safeguard against the creation of ‘creep clips.’ These clips involve viewers capturing seemingly innocuous moments from a woman’s stream, such as her standing up or turning around, and exploiting them for inappropriate purposes.

Recently, Pokimane found herself addressing a misunderstanding initiated by YouTuber Bowblax. On July 31, Pokimane shared a lighthearted video on her secondary YouTube channel, playfully addressing the phenomenon of ‘creep clips.’ In the video, she humorously eats a banana, but with each bite, she purposefully turns off her camera to prevent any misinterpretation of the footage.

Her intention was to shed light on the measures she employs to avoid such situations. However, one creator failed to grasp the intended message.

On his channel, YouTuber Bowblax posted a screenshot from Pokimane’s video, along with a comment that read, “Poki complains about incel teenagers sexualizing her and then uploads this sh*t to her YouTube channel.”

Bowblax’s post attracted community attention, with users pointing out that he likely had not watched the entire clip, which clearly demonstrates Pokimane’s intention to prevent any sexualization by turning off her camera during routine activities like eating a banana.

In response to Bowblax’s comment, Pokimane retorted in a quote retweet, stating, “So happy to see dumb takes like this getting cooked in the quote rts.”

“Ironically, the clip is about how I turn off the camera every time I take a bite. He couldn’t even watch a 30 second clip, which ends up being a joke, before angrily tweeting lol.” This quote turned out to be 100% true as Bowblax immediately retracted his statement.

Acknowledging his mistake in a subsequent post, opting to keep his original tweet up rather than avoiding criticism or concealing errors.

“Okay, I messed up here,” he admitted. “I saw this on my shorts feed and thought it was one of those weird ‘Pokimane is hot’ type videos from a clip channel because of the title, then was surprised when it was from Poki herself, so I tweeted about it without watching the full short.”

“I’m gonna leave the tweet up, ’cause I don’t wanna hide from criticism or cover up my mistakes. I have an issue with tweeting too impulsively and getting into trouble. I don’t hate Pokimane, I was just annoyed at the idea that she would play into what she speaks out against.”

This incident marks not the first time Pokimane and Bowblax have clashed. In 2019, Pokimane issued a copyright claim against one of Bowblax’s videos, and it appears that their interactions have not grown any more amicable since then.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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