JiDion Tracks Down & Trolls EDP445 In New Video

Just over two years ago, EDP445 found himself embroiled in controversy due to a sting operation orchestrated by fellow YouTubers, aimed at exposing his alleged predatory behavior towards minors. Now, JiDion has crossed paths with him in a public encounter and confronted the now-banned YouTuber.

Once a prominent figure on YouTube with over 2 million subscribers, EDP445 gained popularity by sharing videos that highlighted his explosive personality and edgy sense of humor.

However, his reputation took a nosedive after a group of YouTubers, identifying as the Predator Poachers, purportedly captured him attempting to meet a 13-year-old girl. He offered the excuse that he was simply heading out to purchase a cupcake, leading to this incident becoming widely known as the “cupcake incident.”

Now, after a lapse of more than two years, JiDion has succeeded in locating EDP445 and directly addressing the aforementioned events. The full video of their encounter promises to illuminate EDP’s activities post his YouTube ban.

EDP445 hasn’t completely vanished from the online sphere after his YouTube ban. He endeavored to cultivate a new audience on other platforms but encountered bans on several of them due to the backlash against him.

Nevertheless, legal consequences have yet to materialize for him. No official legal action has been taken against EDP445, and no conclusive evidence has been presented in a court of law that definitively establishes his alleged predatory conduct towards minors.

Nonetheless, for many, the initial sting operation serves as convincing evidence, and people have been striving to locate him in order to publicly address him for his actions over the past couple of years. After a considerable duration, JiDion finally succeeded in tracking him down.

In response to inquiries regarding the events from two years ago, EDP445’s retort was, “Kiss my ***,” as he turned to face JiDion, who held no words of sympathy for him.

As of now, JiDion has not yet released the comprehensive video that would delve deeper into the circumstances of the encounter and the process through which he managed to locate EDP445. However, it’s unlikely he will show this entire process given privacy concerns.

JiDion also briefly went live, proudly sharing his accomplishment of encountering EDP and securing an interview with him. He directly addressed those who doubted his ability to locate the former YouTuber.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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