Bethesda Will Not Work With DrDisrespect Due To His Previous Scandals

Dr Disrespect has asserted that despite his interest in collaborating with Bethesda, the creators of Starfield, to promote the game’s launch, the company has declined due to his “past controversies.”

In the aftermath of his Twitch ban and his involvement in the NICKMERCS Call of Duty skin controversy, the true reasons remain veiled, leaving speculation regarding his journey to becoming one of the internet’s prominent streamers.

Yet, within the gaming community, his influence is substantial, drawing tens of thousands of live viewers and millions of viewers for his video content. His opinions carry weight, affording him numerous opportunities for sponsorships and potential business ventures.

Regrettably, according to Dr Disrespect, Bethesda exhibited no interest in collaborating with him, a sentiment he voiced himself.

The Doc had been building anticipation for Starfield for an extended period, eagerly anticipating the chance to play it. Despite his reputation in competitive multiplayer games like Call of Duty Warzone and CSGO, he occasionally indulges in single-player titles.

However, his astonishment arose when he encountered the character creation screen, discovering a pronoun option for his character. After a few moments of stunned silence, he vented his reaction on Twitter, aiming a comment at Pete Hines, Bethesda’s head of publishing, who had pronouns in his bio.

During a section of his VoD around the 1:05:30 mark, Dr Disrespect shared, “He/him… Got it, ok. Now everything’s starting to make sense.” Subsequently, he claimed that Bethesda rejected his sponsorship request.

Expressing his frustration, Dr Disrespect recounted his team’s attempt to collaborate with Bethesda, only to allegedly receive the response, “‘Due to past controversies, there’s no way we can work with Dr Disrespect.'” He further noted that his request for simultaneous access to the game alongside other streamers with early access was also denied on the same basis.

Despite playing Starfield for over 9 hours during his stream and expressing admiration for the game’s expansive scope and content, Dr Disrespect’s reservations about Bethesda are evident.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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