xQc Shuts Down Rumours He Is Dating Tana Mongeau

xQc has directly addressed the swirling speculations connecting him romantically to influencer Tana Mongeau, clarifying the situation during one of his live streams.

Renowned streamer ‘xQc’ has seen his romantic life thrust into the public eye. Earlier this year, news of his divorce from ‘Adept’ became public knowledge, following her revelation that they had been secretly married for three years.

Referring to his ongoing circumstances with Adept as a “living nightmare,” xQc subsequently hinted at having a new girlfriend. This naturally triggered a wave of conjectures and rumors as fans speculated about his current romantic partner.

Initially, many believed that his new partner was Fran, and this speculation proved accurate. However, their relationship ended earlier this year after xQc admitted to being unfaithful to the former Overwatch streamer. Now, there are suggestions that xQc might be involved with influencer Tana Mongeau. However, xQc is now putting those rumors to rest.

During a recent broadcast discussing the 2023 Streamy Awards, xQc mentioned his post-event beach visit for celebrations. When someone in the chat mentioned Tana, xQc swiftly debunked any gossip, stating, “No, I did not go with Tana Mongeau.”

While he acknowledged that the influencer is “cool” and a “good partygoer,” xQc made it clear that their relationship remains at the level of friendly acquaintanceship.

“I conversed with her at the event. Our interactions remained at that level. It never extended beyond the basic ‘Hi, what’s up, want to grab some shots’ kind of thing. It never went further than that. She’s chill though.”

xQc also asserted that he does not allow “internet drama” to deter him from spending time with other internet personalities, a comment that appears to be related to Tana’s past controversies.

“I’m not supposed to associate with them because of things that happened here and there back in 1994,” he remarked. “I don’t care.”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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