Dillon Danis Claims He Will Receive 0 Points From PPV Sales On Prime Card

Dillon Danis has added fuel to the fire in the lead-up to his showdown with Logan Paul, asserting that despite claiming he “single-handedly built this event,” he will not be receiving any pay-per-view (PPV) points.

The ‘Prime Card’ event, scheduled for October 14 at the AO Arena in Manchester, UK, was swiftly sold out and boasts a lineup that includes not only Danis and Logan Paul, but also KSI and boxer Tommy Fury. This has made it one of the most eagerly awaited influencer boxing events to date.

Yet, Danis has revealed that he won’t be benefiting from PPV points for the fight, further intensifying his already heated rivalry with Logan Paul. Taking to Twitter, Danis expressed his disbelief, stating, “I’m receiving zero PPV points. Can you believe that bulls***? I built this event single-handedly.”

PPV points typically represent a percentage of the revenue generated by pay-per-view sales. Fighters often negotiate for these points in their contracts, allowing them to earn extra money on top of their guaranteed earnings. The greater the viewership, the larger the paycheck. This practice is common in both boxing and MMA, and can sometimes constitute a significant portion of a fighter’s overall income.

Danis’ frustration is easily understood in this context. While the specifics of his contract remain undisclosed, missing out on PPV points equates to leaving potential earnings on the table—especially for an event he claims to have taken the lead in building.

This financial revelation deepens the ongoing feud between Danis and Paul. Over the past weeks, Danis has made derogatory remarks about Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. Paul, on his part, has largely remained unperturbed by Danis’ provocations.

Paul retaliated differently, however, by announcing Mike Perry as the backup fighter in case Danis chooses not to show up. Paul even engaged in a staredown with Mike Perry at the pre-fight press conference shortly after Danis was removed from the stage.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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