MrBeast Tweets About Mental Struggles Due To Gruelling Schedule

Renowned YouTube personality MrBeast has revealed that he is grappling with mental exhaustion as he maintains an arduous schedule of daily filming in order to produce weekly videos.

With an impressive subscriber count nearing 180 million, MrBeast undeniably holds the title of YouTube royalty, solidified as the most-subscribed independent creator on the platform. This remarkable achievement is a direct result of his relentless dedication, consistently investing substantial effort to attain the pinnacle.

In his pursuit of breaking records and delivering captivating content, the 25-year-old has taken on extraordinary challenges, from enduring seven days stranded on an ocean raft to surviving 50 hours in Antarctica’s depths, all in the name of his craft.

Conversely, not all of MrBeast’s videos involve extreme feats; he frequently allocates significant funds to give back to his community and support those in need. On other occasions, he embraces a more lighthearted approach, such as playfully derailing a train into a massive pit.

However, the grueling demands of this constant creative endeavor have begun to take a toll on the YouTube luminary. He candidly confessed that he is “dying mentally” as he perseveres with his demanding routine.

On August 26, in a heartfelt tweet, MrBeast opened up about his mental health struggles. In order to maintain his commitment of weekly uploads later this year, he has been filming daily, with only a handful of days off scheduled between now and the year’s end.

MrBeast expressed his current state, stating, “In order to upload weekly videos later this year I’ve been filming every single day (and only have a couple days off filming between now and end of year) and I’m dying mentally.” He added a sobbing emoji and noted, “I hope you guys love these videos when they go up, I’m pushing myself to the max to get them done.”

The outpouring of support from his community has been significant, with many encouraging him to take a break if needed, and others assuring him that they will appreciate the videos regardless.

“Prioritize your well-being. Your mental health comes first,” one supporter advised, while another chimed in with, “We’ll definitely enjoy your content, but do remember to take care of yourself.”

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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