Fousey Updates Fans On Mental Health After Latest Arrest On Highway

Streamer Fousey has offered his followers an update following an incident on August 23 that led to his detainment by law enforcement and subsequent hospitalization.

Popular YouTuber Fousey had been hosting an ongoing 24/7 subathon on his live-streaming channels for the past several months. The subathon drew a substantial surge in viewership, with fans tuning in daily to engage with the seemingly endless stream of content. Nonetheless, the broadcasts were not without their share of dramatic events. After shifting to the platform Kick due to multiple bans on Twitch, Fousey found himself frequently targeted by swatting incidents initiated by viewers and embroiled in conflicts with fellow content creators.

On August 23, the subathon abruptly came to a halt as Fousey was taken into custody by law enforcement officers in his Miami hotel room and subsequently escorted to a mental health facility.

Fousey took to addressing his online community on August 27, post his detention and hospitalization.

He began by expressing his disappointment, saying, “I’m really upset because I was hoping that you guys would interact with me on Discord. But you guys are being really weird.”

He continued with a more lighthearted tone, “Forget about it. Just wanted to say hi. I miss you all.”

In a subsequent moment, he confirmed the accuracy of previous online reports that indicated he had indeed been placed in a mental health institution by the authorities.

“I’m currently under, what’s it called? This thing that the cops put me under?… When you can’t leave a mental hospital until you get clearance.”

Fousey concluded his update by assuring his followers of his eventual return to the subathon content they know him for, saying, “I’ll be back. You all know that. Season two, on the way!”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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