TikTok Users Left Astonished By Waitresses Gigantic Tips

A TikTok user unveiled her earnings from a three-hour shift at Texas Roadhouse, leaving viewers astounded and prompting some to consider reducing their tipping amounts.

Debates surrounding tipping customs frequently emerge on TikTok. Despite being technically optional, tipping plays a significant role in the income of service employees in the United States.

Neglecting to tip often leaves waitstaff dissatisfied. Although a 15-20% tip is generally accepted as standard, anything falling below 20% is commonly deemed a “poor tip.”


What I made in a 3 hour shift at Texas Roadhouse! It was a slow day so i only worked for 3 hours. #texasroadhouse #serverlife #server #waitress #tips #servertiktok #money

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Recently, however, numerous users of the platform have begun to question whether they’ve been overly generous in their tipping. This shift in perspective followed a Texas Roadhouse server’s revelation of her tips earned during a three-hour shift.

A TikToker known as Amanda, using the handle ‘amanda4xx’ on the platform, posted a video showcasing her earnings of $150.14 in tips alone. When combined with her hourly wage, this translated to an impressive $59 per hour.

The disclosure left viewers incredulous, leading some to consider adjusting their tipping practices. One commenter remarked, “Wow, I’ve been giving 20-25% based on my service, but now I’ll stick to 15-18%.”

Another commenter, comparing Amanda’s earnings to their own, expressed a sense of resentment, stating, “Meanwhile, people like me working in construction make $30. This makes sense. You’ve convinced me to tip less.”

Undisturbed by the criticism, Amanda shared a subsequent video where she continued to astonish her audience. This time, she garnered $164.94 in tips during a four-hour shift, averaging $50 per hour. She also disclosed her hourly wage as $36.

Nonetheless, it’s evident that Amanda’s experience isn’t universally applicable. Another commenter shared their own perspective, revealing, “During my time at Texas Roadhouse, we had to pool tips, and the base pay for a server was around $2.13.”

A similar sentiment was echoed by another user who stated, “I had the same experience! I earned about $4 per hour. Furthermore, all tips were collected and divided among the entire crew at the end of each shift.”

Due to lack of context, it’s therefore difficult to tell whether this was anything like an “average” shift, or whether the TikTok creator chose to publish and exceptionally high tipping shift to the platform.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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