Cardi B Goes On Bizarre Rant About MrBeast

In a recently resurfaced and widely circulated video, Cardi B openly discussed her disagreement with MrBeast and elucidated why she doesn’t hold a favorable view of the prominent YouTuber.

Approximately six months ago, rapper Cardi B garnered attention by shedding light on her clash with the well-known YouTube personality MrBeast.

MrBeast, who gained prominence in 2017 through a video in which he counted to 100,000 in 40 hours, has continued to amass a dedicated following with his intricate and engaging content. He’s also extended his influence by involving numerous childhood friends in managing his diverse ventures, including MrBeast Burger and initiatives such as Arbor Day and The Ocean Cleanup.

Despite a lack of direct interaction between MrBeast and Cardi B, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ artist went viral for using various terms to refer to MrBeast in a negative light.

Additionally, she stood up for Groovin’ Gorilla, a well-known TikToker who faced cancellation earlier this year due to his online behavior. In her livestream, which gained widespread attention, Cardi B drew a comparison between Groovin’ Gorilla and the likes of MrBeast and Jake Paul, suggesting that they amassed substantial wealth by producing similar content to Groovin’ Gorilla’s.

Cardi B offered her perspective on MrBeast’s content, describing it as “cringy” and “corny.” She pointed out that while the content might not appeal to her sensibilities, it resonates with a younger audience.

She remarked, “He receives immense support… and has accumulated substantial wealth, engaging in activities similar to those that these other individuals are involved in.” This comment is made even more bizarre given that this is exactly what Cardi B does to make a living. Make music that is similar to others and do activities that less successful individuals are involved in.

Furthermore, Cardi B played the race card by mentioning influencers like Groovin’ Gorilla faced backlash from their own community, while “white folks” like MrBeast continue to prosper by generating similar content.

Concluding her critique, Cardi B stated that MrBeast’s earnings outstrip those of many beloved artists. Although her 10-minute livestream clip addressing these matters has recently gained renewed attention, Cardi B has yet to counter her statements regarding MrBeast, and MrBeast himself has not issued a response.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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