Kick Seem To Suggest That $50 Million Is Too Much For DrDisrespect Contract

Streaming platform Kick has provided a significant update regarding the potential signing of Dr Disrespect, subsequent to the renowned streamer’s demand for a $50 million contract to switch from YouTube.

Since his enigmatic suspension from Twitch in the summer of 2020, Dr Disrespect has risen to prominence on YouTube, emerging as one of the platform’s most popular streamers. However, he has expressed an interest in exploring new broadcasting opportunities.

Kick made a high-profile entrance by securing notable figures such as Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel through a lucrative $100 million agreement, which led to speculation about the possibility of Dr Disrespect also being approached to join the platform.

Following xQc’s deal, Dr Disrespect made his terms clear by stating that he was seeking $50 million. While Kick’s CEO confirmed that discussions were underway with Dr Disrespect’s team to facilitate an agreement, no concrete developments have emerged. A recent revelation might offer insight into this situation.

During an interview with streamer Big E, Kick’s Head of Product, Paulie Chianese, was questioned about the status of Dr Disrespect’s potential involvement on the platform and when audiences might see him on Kick.

Chianese disclosed, “Doc wants fifty mil, and Doc’s not playing around with that number.” This statement suggests that Dr Disrespect is resolute in his demand for $50 million and is not willing to compromise. Consequently, it seems that Dr Disrespect will continue streaming on YouTube, as the negotiation impasse persists.

Chianese added, “I love the Doc. I’ve watched him for years and years. I think he’s one of the most entertaining streamers in the business. But fifty million is fifty million.”

From Chianese’s remarks, it can be inferred that the Kick team might not view Dr Disrespect’s value as commensurate with the requested amount, leading to the breakdown of discussions. Thus, the prospect of Dr Disrespect making a shift from YouTube to Kick appears less likely for the time being.

Dr Disrespect might have alluded to Kick’s reluctance to meet his financial demands during a previous stream in June when he discussed the offer. He expressed uncertainty about “how much money” Kick had available. Additionally, Dr Disrespect hinted that his ongoing commitments, including his game studio Midnight Society and Black Steel Bourbon, could also be influencing the negotiation process.

Regardless of Kick’s decision, other platforms have expressed interest in securing Dr Disrespect’s services.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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