Fresh & Fit Podcast Demonetized By Youtube

In no real surpise to anyone, the podcast Fresh & Fit recently made an announcement that they’ve faced demonetization by YouTube and are now appealing for assistance from their supporters.

The well-known YouTube podcast, Fresh and Fit, is said to have been subjected to demonetization by the video-sharing platform, a decision that left the hosts visibly emotional.

In a live streaming session held on August 19, Myron Gaines, who co-hosts the podcast alongside Walter Weekes, shared what he described as “disheartening news,” expressing his surprise at YouTube’s determination.

Gaines asked Weekes, “Could this be the conclusion? Are we done?” He further revealed the negative update they had received.

Gaines disclosed that their channel had been excluded from the YouTube partner program, a membership that permits creators to monetize their content and access exclusive features. Weekes added that the Super Chat feature, allowing viewers to make donations, was no longer accessible.

“In essence, we’re going to dig into the details since we’re not entirely clear about the situation,” Gaines remarked. “We’re collaborating with YouTube to reach a compromise and find a solution to this.”

In the podcast episode, they indicated that YouTube had not provided reasons for their decision but speculated it might relate to the topics they address.

Gaines stated that “Fresh & Fit” engages in “uncomfortable dialogues about contentious subjects” and delves into “controversial” and “non-politically correct” matters.

“That’s the inherent risk when you produce the type of content we do,” he commented.

Gaines surprised his audience by displaying visible emotion while recounting his interactions with fans and how providing them guidance outweighed the challenges of launching the podcast. In the midst of his narrative, he was unexpectedly overcome with feelings and had to step away briefly.

Gaines subsequently appealed to their followers for support by subscribing to “Fresh & Fit” on Rumble at a monthly cost of $5, citing the significant expenses associated with running the podcast.

“We’re relying on you now,” he implored.

Gaines later emphasized that the issue was “not centered around finances.”

“What concerns me is that if we’re barred from YouTube, we might miss out on reaching someone who truly needs our help,” he expressed.

Gaines and Weekes declared their intention to establish a presence on Rumble while maintaining their presence on YouTube for as long as possible.

“I’m prepared to take a financial hit if necessary,” Gaines asserted. “Folks, let’s transition to Rumble.”

The Fresh and Fit podcast is a contentious show available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube, aiming to “assist men in enhancing their overall well-being.”

“Our mission is to assist men in improving various aspects of their lives with advice and incredibly valuable insights on dating, fitness, social media, and finances,” the show’s description outlines.

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