TikToker Jada Holmes Gets Cops Called On Her For Making An ATM Machine Into A Handbag

Jada Holmes, a popular TikToker, has garnered widespread attention for her trend of transforming various items into handbags. However, her recent endeavor involving an ATM machine as a purse led to an encounter with law enforcement.

Jada Holmes has gained notoriety for her ability to repurpose almost anything into a handbag. Her imaginative creations, including modified televisions, inflatable couches, gasoline containers, and more, all contribute to the ‘make anything a bag’ trend, which she initiated herself.

Despite her considerable online following of 623.9K TikTok users and the viral nature of many of her posts, her most recent venture attracted even more attention when she was approached by the police while stationed outside a storefront.


Cause I tried to turn a ATM into a purse #freeme

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Holmes’ innovative spirit is apparent in her diverse creations, which not only stem from her own concepts but are also meticulously crafted by hand. Her unconventional designs encompass a wide range, such as a handbag fashioned from a toilet, a Pac-Man arcade game machine, and even a BBQ grill.

While most of her endeavors adhere to the law, her latest project drew the attention of law enforcement as she attempted to utilize an ATM machine outside a store as a makeshift purse.

In a TikTok video, Holmes is seen attaching a frilly strap to the ATM machine, striking poses in front of her friend’s camera. She captioned the video with the words, “About to get rich this year, I can feel it in my gut.”

Subsequently, another video on Holmes’ TikTok account depicted her surrounded by police officers, as tampering with or stealing from an ATM machine is considered illegal—precisely what she had done.

The comments section of her video was divided, with some expressing that the ATM stunt went too far, asserting, “You might have crossed a line here.” Another concurred, stating, “Enough is enough. This should serve as her cue to halt.”

Conversely, a few commenters found humor in the situation, wondering, “Why would you attempt that? Lmao,” while another inquired for more details, asking, “Could you share the story behind this, please?”

Holmes has yet to provide further information about whether she received a citation from the police. Moreover, she has refrained from sharing any new custom handbag creations since the incident. Nonetheless, her admirers remain hopeful that she will persist with her creative pursuits, expressing sentiments such as, “Some of you are suggesting she should learn a lesson. She should learn to do something that brings her joy. She’s crafting imaginative pieces and generating income. May blessings come to all of you.”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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