Anth_Collects In Dispute With Beckett After $16k Of Rare Pokemon Cards Allegedly Go Missing

Anth_Collects, an avid collector of rare Pokemon cards has made an accusation against Beckett, alleging that the grading company misplaced a portion of his order during the grading process, leading to an estimated loss of around $16,000 for the collector.

Founded in 1984, Beckett Media holds a prominent position as an authentication firm specializing in cutting-edge technology. Its comprehensive range of services extends to sports cards, comic book grading, collectibles, and sports memorabilia.

Providing an array of valuable tools for collectors, including an “all-in-one intelligent platform,” which enables users to access sales data, manage their collections, analyze items, discover sought-after cards, and establish their identity as collectors, Beckett positions itself as a go-to online hub catering to various collecting needs. Given this reputation, collectors have felt secure entrusting Beckett with their valuable acquisitions. However, as illustrated by one collector’s alleged experience, even Beckett is not immune to errors.

Referred to as ‘anth_collects’ on social media, the collector Anth Ony shared his purported encounter with Beckett on Instagram, seeking to determine if others had faced similar issues.

In his Instagram post, Anth conveyed, “I suspect I have recently been subjected to a lapse in professionalism from an employee at Beckett Grading Services.” According to his account, he had dispatched three separate orders within a single box to Beckett, yet only one of the orders was recorded as received.

In his words, “After contacting them, I was redirected through [five] different individuals and, eventually, after [two] weeks, it was concluded that they had not received the cards at all.”

Anth also recounted an interaction with an employee who expressed frustration at him for consolidating multiple orders in one box, despite Beckett’s website explicitly permitting this practice. Additionally, Anth mentioned one of the lost cards, a “signed and sketched Arita Japanese Charizard.”

Unfortunately, Anth’s Instagram post was met with responses from others who shared their own tales of orders disappearing within Beckett’s process.

One individual revealed, “Beckett lost a submission of mine for almost a year. Employees gave me the run around but Regional sales manager Charlie was able to send someone into their lost and found. Apparently my papers were misplaced. For them to grade partial of your submission, they need to check their cameras to see if an employee took it.”

In response, certain individuals were determined to rally for change from Beckett to safeguard future collectors from encountering similar distressing situations. A commenter pledged solidarity, asserting, “We must collaborate to uncover the truth. This isn’t reflective of our community’s values. We’re here to assist, I assure you.”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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