Prime Re-Launches In Canada With New Lower 140mg Caffeine Content

Logan Paul and KSI have recently introduced Prime Energy to the Canadian market, featuring a reduced caffeine content of 140mg, just weeks after Health Canada had ordered a recall of the product due to safety concerns.

Initially launched in January 2023, the popularity of Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime Energy had surged, leading to some countries importing the product from the US and selling it at inflated prices.

This import activity triggered a response from Health Canada, which issued a recall on the drink due to its high caffeine content of 200mg.

In response, Logan & KSI promptly responded by releasing a revised version of the energy drink on August 21, 2023, specifically designed for sale within the country.

The official Prime Energy Twitter account shared an image announcing the launch, accompanied by the message “Move over maple, Canada has new energy drink flavors.”

The image reveals that the cans have been modified to include the French translation of the flavor at the top of the label. Additionally, the terms “Supplemented” and “Health Canada” have been translated into both English and French, appearing on a label near the rim of the can.

A significant adjustment for the Canadian launch involves reducing the caffeine content from 200mg to 140mg in compliance with Health Canada’s regulations. This alteration likely addresses the concerns that led to the previous recall.

In response to the launch, Twitter users expressed their thoughts. One user commented, “Ayeee 140mg is still fire!” Another fan praised the release by stating, “Kudos to Prime for bringing it here.”

It’s worth noting that Canada isn’t the only country to receive the revised 140mg version of Prime Energy; the same version has also been introduced in the UK.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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