Unstoppable MrBeast Breaks Yet Another Record With Latest Video

MrBeast has once again shattered the record for the highest number of views within a 24-hour timeframe for a non-music YouTube video, marking his third consecutive video to achieve this feat.

MrBeast has firmly established himself as a YouTube heavyweight, boasting an impressive subscriber count of over 176 million and consistently garnering hundreds of millions of views per video. It’s safe to say that he’s become a master of the art of going viral.

Repeatedly, this YouTube luminary has rewritten the record books, amassing records such as holding the title for the individual creator with the highest overall channel views and subscribers.

After premiering “7 Days Lost at Sea” on August 5, the 25-year-old sensation broke the previous record for the most views on a non-music video within 24 hours. However, this video was subsequently taken down due to a copyright claim from an animator who alleged unauthorized use of their animation.

A mere week later, the YouTuber outdid himself once more, surpassing his previous accomplishment by an additional three million views with his video titled “$1 vs $250,000 Vacation.” Now, he has once again outperformed his previous records.

In this latest instance, MrBeast has completely shattered the preceding record by an astonishing margin. His most recent video, which he boldly claims to be his largest endeavor yet, achieved a staggering 59.4 million views during its initial 24 hours—a triumph that exceeded his preceding upload by nearly seven million views.

“7 days later we broke it again,” he humorously shared on Twitter, appending a sobbing emoji. “Three-peat.”

Entitled “Every Country On Earth Fights For $250,000!” and released on August 19, this video showcased the YouTuber bringing together participants from every nation to partake in his unique version of the “Extreme Olympics.”

Following the immense popularity of this viral video, MrBeast has expressed interest in creating the “biggest game show” for any streaming platform that’s willing to provide funding.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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