Harry Styles Sells Hollywood Hills Home For $6.7 Million

Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan from Season 6 has officially confirmed that she successfully sold Harry Styles’ California house.

The reality TV personality recently finalized the sale of Harry’s Hollywood Hills residence, adding a cool $6.7 million to her ledger. The commission from that deal must be quite a feather in her cap and is likely a very modest 6 figure sum.

The idea of Selling Sunset delving into the mainstream music realm probably wasn’t on anyone’s radar. But life has its surprises. Then again, as every home sold on Selling Sunset is extremely expensive, it shouldn’t be that unusual to come accross an occasional superstar.

Grammy Award-winning musician Harry Styles has now joined the list of properties on Emma Hernan’s real estate track record.

In a recent interview, Emma openly discussed the details of the house and verified the completion of the sale. Did Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan just sell Harry Styles’ home?

On August 17, Emma engaged in a conversation with PEOPLE where she provided insights into the transaction.

She shared, “This distinctive, unparalleled home, perched just above the Sunset Strip, is now embarking on its exciting next chapter,” her statement conveyed. “I am genuinely delighted to have finalized this truly extraordinary property, as it stands out as a rare gem in the globally renowned Hollywood Hills!”

Perhaps the forthcoming seventh season of the show might incorporate the former One Direction member’s presence. Fans should keep their eyes peeled for Selling Sunset’s return in October, exclusively on Netflix.

While Styles didn’t make an appearance in Season 6, his residence did make a cameo in one of the episodes. Interestingly, Emma unveiled that he left a few belongings behind when vacating the house.

“He left quite a bit — numerous pairs of shoes, like high heels. I believe they’re no longer there now, but I probably should (locate them),” she shared during the episode.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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