DJ Amanda Shultz Becomes TikTok Sensation By Playing Terrible Mixes On Purpose

TikTok has introduced its newest sensation, and she’s likely not what you’d anticipate. This rising star on the platform garners attention by sharing videos that display her DJ skills, but the twist is that she deliberately performs poorly in her craft.

Numerous artists utilize TikTok to exhibit their talents, aspiring to gain recognition for their work and secure opportunities in their chosen field.

One TikToker who has undoubtedly achieved recognition has risen to social media prominence for her unconventional DJ abilities—unconventional in that they’re deliberately, and quite noticeably, subpar.

Amanda Shultz, known as ‘amandashultz_’ on TikTok, is the mastermind behind this unconventional approach. She posts videos showcasing her intentionally awful DJing skills, much to the delight of her enthusiastic fanbase.

Identifying herself as “DJ Mandy,” Amanda has tapped into a unique niche on the platform. Her videos portray her blending songs together on the turntables, her demeanor completely serious as she systematically disrupts every transition with intention.


Replying to @rayquiri_ DM for booking #fyp #dj #femaledj

♬ original sound – Dj mandy

At times, her remixes feature the unexpected additions of sirens, fire alarms, and even ringtones. Each video includes a request for viewers to leave “tips and feedback,” although not everyone realizes that the account is built on satire.

Certain individuals attempted to offer Amanda genuine advice to enhance her DJing abilities. One commenter wrote, “From a fellow DJ. Too many effects. Way too many. I know when you first learn, [you want to] use [them] all [laughing out loud] but just throw in a few.”

Another person inquired, “Is everyone else in on a joke I’m not aware [of]?” (The answer is yes, they are).

Despite occasional misunderstandings, Amanda has amassed a sizable following that embraces her musical misadventures. Most comments play along with the joke, praising her “smooth” transitions and song choices.

“Can [you] add these on Spotify?” one individual asked. Another quipped, “Here before DJ Mandy does a slot at Coachella next year.”

Amanda even tailors song remixes for specific occasions like weddings and funerals, and she offers her services for hire via private messages (she’s based in San Francisco, in case anyone wants to book her for an upcoming event).

Although her “talent” is undeniably unconventional, one question remains unanswered about TikTok’s “worst” DJ: “How can you not laugh while making these?” as pointed out by a commenter.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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