TikToker Shows Woman Get Arrested For Selling $20 Flowers

A lady was taken into custody after she noticed a flower vendor and decided to contribute $20, only to encounter apprehending officers and minimal communication. The event was captured by camera and then uploaded to TikTok.

The flower vendor in question was Norma Garcia, who was already being investigated by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO).

This was because she had been cautioned multiple times about vending flowers on the highways. Despite these warnings, Garcia persisted.

In contravention of the county ordinance, the police arrived to notify Garcia that she was being apprehended for unauthorized merchandise sales on Imperial Parkway, but not everyone was ready to adhere. It seems as though the police had little choice to arrest the lady given the past history, however, the way in which they did so seemed to be a little heavy handed.

Annika Olsen, aged 24, witnessed the detention and endeavored to hand over $20 to Garcia, a gesture that the police claimed led to a traffic obstruction.

“I simply observed the lady, and she seems to always be out there. And the weather is so scorching,” Olsen expressed.

Stepping out of her vehicle to offer payment to Garcia, Olsen was instead forcefully subdued by the police onto a police car, with none of the officers reading her Miranda Rights.

“They didn’t inform me that they were placing me under arrest before they forcefully pushed me onto that police car,” Olsen recounted. “They never instructed me to place my hands behind my back. They never articulated, ‘You’re being arrested.’ I was literally hurled onto the top of a police car.” Olsen was apprehended. Olsen vocalized her number to a passerby so the recorded footage could be sent to her.

A bystander managed to capture the incident on camera and shared the encounter on TikTok. It has already garnered a significant audience, amassing 241,000 likes thus far.

Subsequently, the police clarified that Olsen had declined to move her car and was actually arrested for noncompliance and resisting an officer without employing violence.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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