Out Of Touch TikToker Complains About Not Getting Lamborghini As First Car

The online world was jolted by astonishment when a young woman turned to TikTok to discuss her aspirations of acquiring a second-hand Lamborghini as her inaugural car, only to subsequently express profound disappointment upon discovering that her desired vehicle had already been sold.

Obtaining one’s first car stands as a thrilling milestone, marking for many an initiation into adulthood. Yet, this landmark achievement also comes with a significant financial burden.

Among those under the age of 25 who are obtaining their inaugural automobiles, a significant number opt for brand-new purchases. This is often made feasible by the generous financial support of parents, who either cover the full cost of the vehicle or contribute substantially to their children’s budget.

However, the online community was taken aback when a TikTok user took this financial backing to a whole new level. ‘Secretfloflo,’ known as Flo in the online sphere, shared a TikTok video tagged “GRWM” (Get Ready With Me), in which she unveiled her intention of visiting a dealership to inspect a pre-owned Lamborghini Urus, envisioning it as her first car choice.

In her words, “The Lamborghini I have my sights on is actually pre-owned. Of course, I wouldn’t prefer a used car, but acquiring a new one would entail a wait of around 15 to 20 months,” Flo elaborated.

Subsequently, she updated her followers, disclosing that the desired Lamborghini had already been purchased by someone else. Consequently, she was now set to place an order for a brand-new model, with prices starting at $390k and topping out just over $400k.

She candidly added that her disappointment about missing out on the initial car was so profound that she couldn’t muster the energy to make her bed. This made TikTok users question whether the entire scenario was fictional.

Responses from viewers were marked by incredulity, with doubts surfacing about whether the TikTok videos were a parody or satire. One commenter expressed, “This is definitely a staged act; there’s simply no plausible way this could be real.”

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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