Livvy Dunne Caught Red Handed With Photoshopped Images

LSU gymnastics sensation and social media sensation Livvy Dunne has erased a sequence of images from her Instagram profile subsequent to followers observing potential photo manipulation.

Undoubtedly, Livvy Dunne currently holds the status of a social media “it girl.” With an astonishing 4.3 million followers on Instagram and an additional 7 million on TikTok, her popularity has consistently surged since her initial viral breakthrough in 2021.

Beyond her striking appearance and captivating charisma, Livvy is also a division one athlete representing Louisiana State University in gymnastics. In fact, her fame has grown to such an extent that she has had to forego attending physical classes due to concerns about her “safety,” precipitated by an influx of admirers at one of her competitive events.

However, the constant scrutiny that comes with millions of eyes fixed on her has its disadvantages, as evidenced by the recent turmoil that unfolded following her posting of several photos on Instagram this August.

Livvy Dunne, the highest-paid female athlete in the NCAA, found herself embroiled in a controversy surrounding her alleged alteration of images through photo editing software.

In the middle of August, both Livvy herself and the LSU Gymnastics account shared images of Dunne participating in a recent competition on Instagram. Keen-eyed followers, however, spotted a significant contrast between one of the images on these separate profiles.

In one of the photos, a jubilant Dunne is captured celebrating the successful execution of a flawless routine. Yet, a comparison with the picture on the LSU Gymnastics Instagram account reveals the athlete displaying the well-earned physique of a gymnast, characterized by well-toned shoulders and an inverted-triangle body frame.


Evidently, somebody appears to have digitally altered the image before uploading it to her own Instagram, seemingly manipulating the proportions of her shoulders and torso to create a slimmer appearance in relation to the original image. To put it bluntly, she appears to be considerably thinner in the second photo.

Fans were swift to identify this incongruity and took to the comments section to express their bewilderment and discontent.

“Cease the photoshopping,” one user admonished on her most recent post. “You’re undermining the future and realistic standards. Show some integrity.”

“Look who’s the Photoshop maestro,” another jeered.

Both Livvy Dunne and the LSU Gymnastics Instagram account have since removed the contentious photos from their feeds. Nonetheless, an increasing number of followers are now highlighting possible instances of photo manipulation in some of her other images. Several have detected anomalies in her hair or the background scenery, suggesting potential use of tools like FaceTune.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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