Tommy Fury Looks For Career U-Turn In Horror Movies

Tommy Fury, half-brother of professional boxer Tyson Fury, has unveiled his aspirations for life beyond boxing, shedding light on the particular ‘role’ he envisions undertaking once he hangs up his boxing gloves.

Even though Tommy Fury has emerged victorious in all of his nine matches, including his momentous bout against Jake Paul in February, he is actively contemplating his future beyond the boxing ring, acknowledging that the sport is not a lifelong pursuit.

Despite being fully engaged in training mode for his upcoming clash against KSI on October 14, 2023, Tommy Fury divulged during his appearance on his sibling’s Netflix show that his thoughts have begun to drift towards his prospective career trajectory.

While Tommy Fury hasn’t specified a precise timeline for his retirement from boxing, he is certain about his plans after stepping away from the sport. His undefeated record remains intact as he gears up for the impending showdown with KSI.

Fury, who commenced his boxing journey at the age of 19 a mere four years ago, had sizeable shoes to fill given his elder brother Tyson’s status as a heavyweight champion. Nonetheless, Tommy Fury has effectively proven his mettle, securing nine victories thus far.

Amidst his rigorous training regime to prepare for the impending duel with KSI, Tommy Fury set aside a moment from his intense workouts to share his aspirations on his sibling’s Netflix series, “At Home With the Fury’s,” a show centered around Tyson and his spouse Paris.

During this candid conversation, Tommy Fury revealed his ambition to delve into acting once his boxing days conclude. However, his interests lie specifically in horror films, a genre that he holds close, having previously participated in reality television on Love Island in 2019.

For Tommy Fury, the next phase of his career will involve embracing the world of horror films exclusively. He expressed his conviction that his passion lies in this genre despite his role being confined to that of a viewer. He articulated, “My aspiration now is to excel in boxing, to push my limits in that field, and then transition into the realm of films.”

Furthermore, Tommy Fury elaborated, “I’ve firmly made up my mind. Nevertheless, I anticipate a smoother transition, considering I don’t aspire to pursue serious acting endeavors—I’m solely interested in horror films.”

While the timeline for Tommy Fury’s transition from boxing to acting remains undisclosed, his unwavering assertion is that irrespective of victory or defeat, his forthcoming endeavors will involve starring in horror films, marking a new and exciting chapter in his career trajectory.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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