KSI Makes Fun Of Disabled TikToker In Jab At Tommy Fury

YouTube sensation KSI is facing criticism for his recent actions, wherein he utilized the appearance of a TikTok personality to ridicule Tommy Fury in the lead-up to their boxing match scheduled for October 14th. To put it bluntly, KSI poked fun at a disabled bodybuilder on TikTok in order to insult Tommy Fury.

The impending bout between KSI and Tommy Fury, who gained prominence by handing Jake Paul his inaugural boxing defeat in February, has been a long-anticipated clash between these influencers. KSI has intensified his social media assault on his opponent, specifically targeting the boxer’s physical appearance in multiple posts on platform X.

While this isn’t the first instance of such behavior from KSI, it’s evident that his jabs have escalated of late. Nonetheless, KSI’s approach hasn’t been well-received by everyone, as there are concerns about the nature of his pursuit against his rival.

On August 17, KSI reposted a TikTok video from a user named Amine (the_honest_1), in which the TikToker showcased his well-built physique in a gym locker room. KSI chose to interpret the TikToker’s image as an opportunity to jest at Tommy Fury’s expense. The content in question read, “Can’t deny it, Tommy Fury is looking his best ever,” and was shared both on X and on KSI’s Instagram stories.

This recent post by KSI has attracted a negative response from commenters, who are taking issue with his approach of mocking someone based on their appearance. One commenter expressed, “It’s not acceptable to mock someone’s looks, bro.” Another criticized the move as insensitive, saying, “This is making fun of people with disabilities. Great job.” A third individual questioned the rationale behind using someone’s physical appearance as content material.

As of now, KSI has not removed the aforementioned post, and he has refrained from commenting on the matter. Similarly, Amine has not provided a statement regarding this situation either.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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