Caleb Coffee Recovering After Fractured Spine & GoFundMe Campaign

TikTok personality Caleb Coffee has been hospitalized following an 80-foot plunge from a cliff onto scorching lava rocks during a hiking expedition in Hawaii. His sister stated that his survival is a stroke of luck.

Caleb Coffee, a popular TikTok figure boasting a following of more than 11 million users, was engaged in a hike with friends on August 16. Allegedly slipping and falling from a cliff that ranged between 60 to 80 feet, he landed on the rocky terrain below. Swiftly airlifted to a medical facility, he has sustained a fractured spine, a broken femur, elbow, and wrist, alongside cuts and burns across his body, as per a statement released by his family.

A GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to support the 18-year-old, featuring hospital photos with his family. The fundraising goal is set at $100,000, given that Caleb lacked health insurance during the time of the incident.

His sister, Peyton, shared that he is fortunate to be alive and expressed, “Your prayers would be appreciated if you’re unable to contribute financially. While he’s grateful for his survival, he is currently enduring intense pain.”

Caleb’s father, Jason Coffee, updated his followers a day later via an Instagram Story, reporting that his son remains stable and conscious. Jason remarked that Caleb is conversing and maintaining high spirits.

Jason expressed on Instagram, “I can’t find an explanation for this other than thank you, Jesus. [Caleb] is stable, conscious, talking, and in good spirits. He has a minor neck fracture (retaining full movement in his fingers and toes). Additionally, he has a broken femur (surgically treated with a rod), two plates and 10 screws in his right elbow, a fractured left wrist, and stitches on his forehead and lip.”

Furthermore, Caleb addressed his fans, affectionately known as the ‘Coffee Crew,’ in a message posted on his father’s Instagram account. He clarified that his spine or neck had not suffered fractures, following an MRI examination, and shared that his condition was down to irritation rather than breakage.

In response to a TikTok video covering his accident, Caleb delivered another update regarding his progress and well-being. Thankfully, although his injuries are very serious, they are certainly not life threatening.

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to anyone that’s trying to help me or support me right now. And I wanted to let you guys know a little update. I just found out that my neck and spine is not broken, so thank you so much, God” stated Caleb.

Paul Kish

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