Streamer JiDion banned from Target

Famous online personality JiDion faced a ban from Target after an unsettling text-to-speech joke was sent by one of his viewers.

Despite a permanent Twitch ban, JiDion has risen to immense popularity as a streamer, amassing millions of followers on Rumble, TikTok, and YouTube. His unconventional and humorous content has contributed to his widespread appeal.

However, JiDion’s content has generated some issues in the past. Notably, he was banned from NBA events due to an incident involving him sleeping at a WNBA game. He also faced legal trouble with an arrest for criminal trespassing.

In a recent video, JiDion visited a Target store where he engaged with fans and played pranks on customers. This led to his removal by security, compounded by an inappropriate text-to-speech donation.

Attempting to explain the situation to security, JiDion reiterated a misconception he had about Mormons having their own planet, which originated from the creators of the Broadway show ‘The Book of Mormon.’

Despite his explanations, security remained unconvinced. As JiDion was escorted out, a text-to-speech donation played, urging him not to cause harm in the store.

Recognizing the escalation, JiDion quickly left the premises, realizing the situation could have worsened due to his viewers’ extreme actions.

In the video title, JiDion attributed his ban from the store to the text-to-speech donation, though it remains uncertain if the ban applies solely to that specific Target location or all Target stores. Regardless, the incident adds to the growing list of bans that have affected the young content creator.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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