IShowSpeed details near-death experience after hospital

In the middle of July, popular YouTuber IShowSpeed found himself in a medical emergency while in Japan, as he was swiftly admitted to the hospital due to a severe sinus infection that led to a complete swelling shut of his right eye.

The prominent content creator reported experiencing intense cluster headaches, describing the agony as so severe that he harbored genuine concerns for his well-being.

Fortunately, IShowSpeed’s hospitalization facilitated a gradual yet consistent recuperation process, bolstered by the unwavering support of his fan base. His admirers congregated outside the medical facility, offering encouragement and well wishes.

Throughout his hospital stay, his subscriber count surged to 19 million, and he has since returned to his home. The timing of his comeback to streaming was a topic of intrigue among fans, and their anticipation was met swiftly.

On the 15th of August, IShowSpeed made his triumphant return to YouTube with his inaugural post-hospitalization livestream, wherein he candidly discussed the distressing journey he underwent as a result of his health ailment.

Speaking on the incident, Speed claimed: “Bro, I almost died. I almost jumped off of a building, chat. I was this close to jumping off of a Japanese building. And I’m not trolling, bro. I swear on my life, bro. It was that freaking bad, bro.”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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