xQc admits to cheating on ex-girlfriend

In a revealing live stream hosted by FRAN, xQc’s former girlfriend, she openly disclosed that the primary reason for their relationship’s dissolution was xQc’s infidelity. Shortly thereafter, xQc himself joined the stream and openly admitted to the truth of her claim.

During the live stream, FRAN initiated a call to xQc and posed the question, “Many of your followers suspect that I am fabricating the account of your infidelity. Can you please affirm or refute this?”

xQc responded by stating, “I will affirm.” He expanded on his response, saying, “I believe there should be an extensive discussion about this in the future for various reasons. Regardless of how extensive and public the apologies are or how many are offered, it doesn’t ultimately alter the nature of the actions themselves.”

Following his admission of infidelity, xQc redirected the conversation, expressing his reluctance to delve further into the details during the live broadcast, and suggesting that a comprehensive explanation could be postponed for another time. This acknowledgment from xQc coincided with their joint announcement of their breakup, which occurred weeks after their relationship had been publicly revealed.

Throughout the live stream, FRAN proceeded to provide additional insights into her interactions with Adept, another of xQc’s former partners. FRAN asserted that during their time together, Adept had characterized xQc as an “abuser,” a claim that FRAN had defended against.

FRAN was adamant in dispelling any rumors of abuse within their relationship. She affirmed, “He has never subjected me to any form of abuse, and he has never engaged in any form of sexual assault against me.” These revelations emerged amidst a series of public controversies involving xQc, encompassing his handling of react content discussions, a public fallout with pokelawls, and the public exposure of divorce proceedings initiated by his ex-partner, Adept.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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