Corpse Husband reveals face

Boasting an impressive following of 1.3 million on Twitch, 3.9 million on Twitter, and an astonishing tally of over half a billion song streams on Spotify, Corpse Husband has swiftly ascended to internet stardom within a remarkably brief timeframe. The enigmatic persona’s magnetism and charm largely stem from the enshrouded mystery surrounding his visage.

Notably, Corpse Husband has upheld an aura of secrecy by refraining from publicly unveiling his face, an intrigue that consistently sends fans into a frenzy of excitement whenever even a hint of potential information emerges.

So, has Corpse Husband indeed disclosed his face? In a way, yes. At certain instances, Corpse has purportedly showcased his ‘face,’ although the authenticity of these glimpses remains a topic of ongoing debate.

During 2021, Corpse made a noteworthy addition to a TikTok video titled “haha.” Towards the video’s conclusion, an extended shot is featured, revealing what appears to be an image of the creator. In this brief glimpse, he is depicted with his hand obscuring his face, while shadowy wings emerge into focus.

Though direct confirmation of the image’s authenticity is lacking, its heavily edited nature is evident. Nonetheless, this partial face unveiling has incited fervent reactions from fans.

The comments section of the video is awash with exclamations such as “Yes,” “excuse me,” “gasped,” and “jaw dropped,” reflecting the astonishment of viewers. The ensuing discourse playfully descends into a slew of humorously exaggerated and flirtatious reactions to the image.

Seizing on the amorous inclination of Corpse’s fanbase, a number of responses humorously allude to a proposal, with fan art dedicated to the moment cropping up mere hours after the TikTok’s appearance on the platform.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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