KSI & Logan Paul Release New Prime Glowberry Flavor

The anticipated upcoming flavor from Prime Hydration, named ‘Glowberry’, has been inadvertently revealed prior to its projected October launch, boasting an added twist of a glow-in-the-dark bottle.

Prime Hydration has undeniably achieved remarkable success, with its products flying off shelves at an astonishing pace since its initial introduction in early 2022. Originally commencing with a selection of five core flavors, the brand has since introduced numerous additions, such as Meta Moon, Strawberry Watermelon, Lemonade, and the UK-exclusive KSI Orange and Mango variant.

After being initially teased by Logan Paul several months ago, the unveiling of the brand’s latest offering, ‘Glowberry’, has occurred through a leak. During his European tour in late June, Logan Paul was queried by a fan about the forthcoming Prime flavor. Although he maintained a certain degree of secrecy about the specifics, he revealed that the new flavor would be named “Glowberry” and would feature a tang of sour green apple.

Additionally, Logan Paul disclosed that Glowberry was slated for release in October. However, an early listing for the flavor on the Sam’s Club website, which has since been taken down, has already provided enthusiasts with a glimpse of what to expect.

Originally identified by the Prime Tracker app, a fan-created stock tracking application, the Glowberry bottle showcases an eerie black and green design, with a unique feature of glowing in the dark after being “charged” in sunlight.

Since its initial launch, Prime has diversified beyond hydration, introducing energy-focused beverages into its lineup. Despite facing concerns and controversy related to perceived “excessive” caffeine content, the energy drinks have also enjoyed significant success.

It should be notedthat this drink is (for now) only availble in hydration and will not be one of the more controversial caffeine drinks.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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