Jake Paul Saved Fousey’s Life By Paying For Hospital Bills

YouTuber and streamer Fousey has disclosed that Jake Paul covered the expenses for his hospitalization in a mental health facility, an act he claims rescued him from a critical situation.

During a recent episode of Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk podcast on August 10, Fousey candidly discussed his struggles following his fight with Deji.

According to the YouTube personality, he went through a challenging phase in his life after his defeat, and it was during this time that Jake Paul stepped in to assist by funding his hospital stay at a mental health institution.

Fousey recounted that he initially reached out to Paul’s manager Nikisa, inquiring if there were any opportunities for him to be employed. He revealed, “I was at the brink of ending my life.”

He explained, “I called Nikisa, Jake Paul’s boxing manager. I told him about my situation, I was in tears outside the gym. I said I’m at a dead end, is there any way you can hire me for something?”

Despite having no prior relationship with Paul, Fousey received a call from Jake Paul himself a few days later. In this conversation, he confessed his suicidal thoughts to “The Problem Child.” Fousey recalled, “I told Jake, I’m on the verge of ending my life. I’m done, and I truly felt that way.”

To this, Jake Paul responded by offering assistance. “He said he knows the best therapist in LA. I informed her that I needed to be admitted to a mental health hospital but couldn’t afford it. She conveyed this to Jake. Independently, she got back to me and informed me that Jake would cover the costs of my hospitalization. He didn’t want me to mention it; he simply wanted to help,” Fousey explained.

He continued, “Jake Paul paid for my hospitalization and saved me at a time when nobody else was present in my life. He took it upon himself to fund my stay at a mental health facility and saved my life. Not a single person was aware of this. He didn’t seek gratitude or recognition.”

The act of kindness from Jake Paul, a figure with whom Fousey had no prior personal connection, had a profound impact and played a pivotal role in changing the trajectory of Fousey’s life during a difficult period.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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