Fousey Pens Deal With Kick After Multiple Twitch Bans

YouTube star turned streamer Fousey has partnered with Kick after facing dual bans from Twitch, an Amazon-owned platform, within the span of a week.

Having initially risen to fame as a YouTuber over a decade ago, Fousey has now transitioned into one of the most prominent names in the current streaming landscape. However, he recently found himself embroiled in controversies, including allegations of inappropriate conduct with a woman at an airport and the use of offensive slurs, both racially and homophobically.

On August 7, Fousey was slapped with a three-day suspension for uttering a “hateful slur” during a live stream. Upon resuming his 24/7 broadcast on August 10, he faced another ban, marking his second suspension within a single week.

In line with the trajectory of numerous others, Fousey has chosen to migrate to Kick, a competing platform, subsequent to his second ban. In a tweet on August 12, he announced his alliance with Kick and expressed regret for the actions that led to his bans.

He conveyed, “Dear @Twitch I LOVE YOU. So much. But you dropped the ball HARD. I signed with KICK this week. But STILL was gonna celebrate 24/7 on Twitch out of respect. And you banned me twice in 1 week.”

Fousey also conveyed his apologies, articulating, “I’m sorry for the F slur and driving wreck-less but in ALL my appeals I said ‘I don’t have a twitch rep. Please have someone teach me TOS.’ Don’t worry, I’ll be back. But not this weekend. @KickStreaming ALL WEEKEND! Respectfully.”

Furthermore, during a Kick stream on the same day, Fousey underscored the significance of his new partnership, stating, “I started YouTube on March 25, 2011. Every YouTuber that started with me died ten times over. They now work a regular job, good for them, make a living.”

“In 2023, I’m still here and I’ve just signed a deal with Kick and I’m about to take the f**k over,” he asserted. He emphasized his continuous 24/7 live stream presence, where he transparently showcases authentic moments, even during internet controversies and conflicts.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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