PewDiePie Releases New Video About Becoming A Father

PewDiePie has made his return to YouTube with a video where he shares his initial emotions and reflections on becoming a father after his son, Björn, was born.

Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie in the YouTube community, celebrated the birth of his son Björn with his wife Marzia on July 11, 2023.

Prior to his son’s arrival, the YouTube sensation had informed his audience that he would be taking a break from his channel and content creation to focus on supporting and spending quality time with his family.

Now, PewDiePie has come back with his first video on YouTube since becoming a father, in which he recounts the emotional journey leading up to Björn’s birth and the initial weeks of fatherhood.

On August 11, 2023, PewDiePie unveiled a video titled “I’m a dad now.” The initial part of the video delves into the period leading up to his son’s birth, when he dropped off Marzia at the hospital as her due date neared.

While leaving Marzia at the hospital, he expressed feeling “very nervous” for both himself and his wife but was confident that she “would do super well.”

The day before Björn’s birth, PewDiePie admitted that the reality of impending fatherhood hadn’t quite sunk in yet. He said, “It’s such a strange day because, obviously, we’ve had nine months now leading up to it, but I just can’t imagine that… there’s gonna be a baby. I have no experience to relate that to. It’s all so new.”

Although most of the events PewDiePie shared were quite typical, he did mention some concern that Marzia might need to undergo a C-section. Fortunately, the birth of Björn went smoothly, an experience PewDiePie documented in the video.

Following their son’s arrival, the YouTuber captured Marzia and Björn’s return home, as well as the reaction of their two dogs to the new family member.

Kjellberg even dedicated a segment of the video to completing a Daruma doll he had held onto throughout Marzia’s pregnancy. With Björn’s arrival, PewDiePie colored in the doll’s remaining eye, symbolizing his wish for his son’s safe arrival.

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