David Dobrik Returns To Youtube But Suddenly Turns Video Private

David Dobrik made a return to YouTube after a year-long absence, only to quickly set the video to private, leaving his fans puzzled. As the video upload was quickly made private, it left fans speculating whether this was a PR stunt, a return gone wrong, or simply a mistake.

A prominent figure on YouTube, David Dobrik had been missing from the platform for approximately a year. Despite his absence from YouTube, he remained active on TikTok and Instagram, periodically sharing content on these platforms.

Fans of the YouTuber have been yearning for his signature chaotic vlogs, and their hopes seemed to materialize when Dobrik apparently surprised everyone by uploading a video to his second channel in early August 2023.

However, shortly after the upload, Dobrik swiftly set the video to private, making it accessible only to those who possessed the link. Thos who managed to watch the video before it got pulled, claim that it was a compilation of the instances when Dobrik had astonished his friends with celebrity appearances in the past.

Dobrik, who collectively has 25.9 million subscribers across two channels, is known for his interactions with celebrities. He shares friendships with celebrities like Howie Mandel and has gained attention for videos in which he surprised people with appearances by Justin Bieber.

Despite the buzz around the sudden upload, Dobrik has not addressed this peculiar development, leaving his fans both disappointed and perplexed. They are hoping for another one of his iconic vlogs to emerge in the near future.

Throughout the past year, Dobrik collaborated with prominent streamer IShowSpeed, and together they organized Tesla giveaways for their fans in May.

The essence of giveaways and unexpected surprises is a crucial component of Dobrik’s content style. Hence, the audience’s confusion and disappointment stem from anticipating another of his dramatic celebrity encounters, as implied by the title of the video.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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