xQc Laughs After Losing $1.1 Million Gambling In Las Vegas

Prominent streaming personality xQc has openly shared that he experienced a loss exceeding $1 million from gambling during his visit to Las Vegas, a decision he made in the context of relocating to the city.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is renowned as one of the foremost streamers across various online platforms. His present status includes being the 5th most-followed broadcaster on Twitch. Notably, he grabbed headlines when he secured a massive $100 million contract with Kick in June.

Following this significant development, xQc has been under the scrutiny of many as he showcases his newfound wealth, engages in conflicts with figures like H3H3, and engages in discussions about the ethical aspects of his reaction-style content.

Recently, xQc disclosed his intention to move to Las Vegas, Nevada, after a series of events that prompted him to change his residence multiple times. It appears that he is making the most of his resources in Las Vegas, enjoying a pre-move vacation.

While xQc’s substantial net worth is no secret, he chose to reveal the extent of his financial situation through a striking Instagram story on the evening of August 9. After attending the Power Slap event earlier that evening, he ventured out to try his luck at Blackjack, only to find himself losing more than one million dollars.

Instagram // Xqcow1

In an Instagram photo, xQc can be seen holding stacks of $100 bills (displaying his notable watch) with the caption: “$1.1 million downswing, AHAHAHA.”

While such a sum might be considered inconsequential for xQc, it remains astonishing to witness the enormous wealth that top streamers can amass due to their online presence. Looking at his deal with Kick, it would seem that this is approximately 1% of his 2 year salary. So, unless this became a regular occurence, xQc certainly has nothing to worry about.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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