Backlash Against Tana Mongeau After Paris Wine Tour Goes Wrong

Social media influencer Tana Mongeau has become entangled in a dispute that has garnered criticism and backlash from detractors who accuse her of attempting to have a tour guide dismissed following a wine tour she participated in.

Tana is recognized for her YouTube content where she shares “storytime” narratives with her audience, frequently finding herself in the spotlight for her remarks, whether related to her Sidemen prank controversy or receiving backlash for telling Miss Brazil to “die.”

The latest controversy involving Tana revolves around allegations that she played a role in the firing of a tour guide after a less-than-ideal experience during a winery visit.

In her recent episode of the “Cancelled by Tana Mongeau” podcast titled “Tana got in a fist fight in France,” the influencer recounts the incident that triggered the controversy. For reference, there was not a fist fight in France and this is a complete over-dramatization of events.

Tana commenced by recounting how she and her group of friends arranged a wine tour. However, she realized that the tour required them to be at a train station by 8 AM, which proved challenging after they returned at 6 AM from a night out and were informed they needed to switch Airbnbs before the tour.

Upon meeting their tour guide Cynthia at the train station, Tana expressed that things took a turn for the worse. She attributed her unfavorable experience at the winery to herself, believing she was the cause.

Tana proceeded to detail how she was instructed to walk 4-6 miles and climb a flight of stairs during the tour. Dissatisfied with this, she chose to exit the tour, stating that it wasn’t suitable for her.

The influencer claimed she had requested an enjoyable tour but was provided an educational one instead. She also mentioned that the guide returned with them to their Airbnb and made sarcastic remarks that were poorly received.

Frustrated with being stuck with the guide, Tana referred to her as a “teacher” multiple times, while her co-host used derogatory language.

Tana even disclosed the specific company the guide worked for and advised her followers not to request the same guide.

However, Tana faced backlash for her actions, with viewers criticizing her for naming the guide but not her friends. Accusations surfaced that she was trying to have the guide fired.

Amid the backlash, Tana responded, clarifying that the issue was about rude comments, unauthorized changes to their tour, intrusion into their Airbnb, and disrespectful behavior. She cited substantial financial expenses and unprofessionalism as factors in the dispute.

The situation was highlighted on Instagram, leading to further disagreement with Tana’s actions. Critics expressed disdain for her behavior, questioning her platform and accusing her of contributing to the guide’s harassment by revealing personal information.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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