Pet Cats Save Twitch Streamer CC79 From Gigantic Cockroach

While streaming on Twitch, streamer CC79’s feline companion bravely intervened to rescue her from a frightening cockroach that had infiltrated their room. The first cat can be seen knocking the insect down from a doorframe, before promptly being finished by the second cat who was waiting on the floor.

Cats, often deemed the optimal companions by many except those who favor dogs, exhibit not only an endearing charm but also engaging and peculiar conduct, rendering them among the most captivating creatures on Earth. Their self-reliance also makes them well-suited for individuals leading busy lives.

This characteristic aligns particularly well with Twitch streamers, whose schedules are often filled with prolonged broadcasting sessions. While cats typically tend to their own affairs, they can occasionally amuse themselves with keyboards and mice, as most cat owners have observed.

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Conveniently, cats are also equipped with natural pest-catching abilities, a trait that proved invaluable during a live stream by ‘cc979,’ a Twitch streamer. Broadcasting from their room, the streamer encountered a formidable cockroach perched on the ceiling. This sizeable insect possessed the capacity to fly, causing considerable alarm and distress for the streamer.

The cockroach’s presence provoked such intense fear that tears welled up in the streamer’s eyes, rendering them unable to approach the menacing creature. Fortunately, their feline companions swiftly sprang into action. The Twitch live chat was especially pleased with the heroics of both cats promptly naming them “Chads”.

Thanks to their intervention, the content creator was liberated from the clutches of the cockroach, permitting them to resume their stream and eventually retire for the night without any worry.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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