Fans Concerned For TikToker Rubee Lana After Strange Video Confession

TikTok user Rubee Lana has garnered immense popularity for her faith-related content and dance videos on the short-form video platform. As of the current moment, her follower count has impressively surpassed 5 million.

On August 7, Rubee shared a brief clip that left her followers intrigued about recent events. This snippet served as a preview of her comprehensive YouTube video titled “My Last Video!”In the TikTok video, the content creator centered her focus on permanently deleting her social media presence due to her financial struggles.In a YouTube video lasting one hour and forty-one minutes, Rubee initiated her narrative by expressing her intention to share revelations that she believes “God wants me to confess. [being broke]”.

She openly informed viewers that seven days from the video’s publication, she will be permanently erasing all her social media profiles.Rubee proceeded to recount an encounter with an individual she referred to as an apostle who contacted her through TikTok, claiming to have a divine message for her. This message urged her to join a Zoom call.She elaborated on the impact this apostle’s message had on her, foreseeing it as a profound message from God.

Subsequently, she delved into intricate details about the past several months.According to her account, the alleged apostle communicated to her that she had a specified timeframe to disengage from social media. Initially resistant, Rubee was then advised by the apostle that she needed to leave her prior ministry and align herself with the “Free Him Now” ministry, co-led by her husband, apostle Berthold.

Throughout her YouTube video, Rubee recounted instances where she received instructions from these apostles, including relocations from California to Chicago and then to Florida.These decisions led to conflicts with her family, compounded by her admission that social media served as her sole source of income. She shared an anecdote about encountering a Christian man who spoke in tongues and claimed that her actions were displeasing to God and the Free Him Now ministry, resulting in her being expelled.

Rubee described undergoing a three-day fast to regain her position within the ministry. She mentioned a legally binding submission form she received, which she perceived as a spiritual contract.

A TikTok user, luuhvllyy, highlighted similarities in the editing styles of both Rubee’s and the apostles’ videos. This individual even noted that Rubee’s cash app was linked to the Free Him Now ministry.Comments by apostle Adilia were shared by Rubee, with Adilia suggesting that Rubee needed to distance herself from certain individuals to draw closer to God.

Reactions to Rubee’s revelations have been diverse, with some asserting that love from God requires no specific actions. Speculation about Rubee’s well-being and status within the ministry has prompted concerned responses from her supporters.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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