OnlyFans Model Kine-Chan sent home from airport

An OnlyFans model, digital influencer and cosplayer known as Kine-Chan faced a flight ban when she arrived at a Brazilian airport in her revealing Cyberpunk Edgerunners Rebecca costume.

Kine-Chan, who was running behind schedule for an event, opted to wear her planned cosplay to the airport in an attempt to save time. However, this decision backfired, as she was not allowed to board the flight.

Upon reaching Navegantes Airport in Brazil wearing her cosplay outfit, the 21-year-old was directed to return home and change. The reason behind this directive was that her Cyberpunk 2077 costume was arguably more swimwear than a conventional cosplay. Regardless, the airline did not allow her the board the flight in this attire.

While Kine-Chan managed to capture Rebecca’s distinctive teal hair color, she chose to pair it with a black bikini for her airport attire. Consequently, she was swiftly denied boarding her flight due to her cosplay being perceived as “inappropriate.”

Despite clarifying her situation of needing to attend an event, she was instructed to “return home and change clothes” since the airport considered her outfit as not meeting appropriate standards.

Photos showcased Kine-Chan engaged in discussions with multiple airport personnel about her predicament, ultimately facing rejection and departing via an escalator. In the final image, she was seen wearing a black coat, but still retained her bikini underneath.

Hopefully, in her future flights, Kine-Chan will manage to adhere to her schedule or bring an alternative set of clothing to avoid being denied boarding.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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