Dillon Danis Faces $100k Fine If He Refuses To Fight Logan Paul

Speaking live on the Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul has emphasized that Dillon Danis will face substantial consequences if he opts to withdraw from their upcoming boxing match.

During his Impaulsive podcast, Paul revealed, “If [ Dillon Danis] decides to pull out due to a fabricated injury, an approved doctor will need to confirm the injury. And if it’s indeed a false claim, he will be required to pay $100,000. There’s a stipulation for withdrawal.”.

Although this is a reasonable clause to have in theory, injuries are still relatively subjective and it would be difficult for a doctor to judge precisely how severe this was.

This isn’t the first instance where Danis has attracted attention for contemplating backing out of a fight. Earlier this year, he withdrew from a scheduled match against KSI. KSI’s manager asserted that Danis was “ill-prepared” and potentially struggling with weight issues. The bout was set to occur at Wembley Arena in London. Following Danis’s withdrawal, KSI went on to face FaZe Temperrr.

When asked about Danis’s capacity to afford the penalty, Paul didn’t mince words, stating, “No, that’s another problem. He’s broke. This guy sucks.”

Despite the forceful language, Paul acknowledges the uncertainty due to Danis’s history. When asked whether Danis’s no-show might cause more than $100K in damage, Paul responded, “Yes, but we’ll have a backup plan.”

Paul also expressed concerns about Danis’s tendency to spread misinformation. He mentioned, “The tricky aspect with Dillon is that he’s a provocateur, and we’re going to have a bit of a trolling contest. But the issue is that he concocts anything he says. He fabricates a lot of it. While some people may believe his claims, I’ll need a fact-checker to verify.”

The showdown between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis is scheduled for October 14 at the AO Arena in Manchester, England, as part of the Misfits Boxing event.

Meanwhile, Paul stated, “October 14 I return to boxing after fighting Floyd Mayweather over 2 years ago. I doubt this little parasite will show up but if he does I’m going to erase him from existence.”

With the fight date approaching, it remains to be seen whether Danis will participate or pull out once again. However, with the hefty financial penalty looming over his head, it looks like this fight will actually take place.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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