xQc Looks Sheepish As Maids Clean Up Mess While He Livestreams

During a live stream, xQc (Félix Lengyel) openly admitted feeling embarrassed and shy when maids entered his room to clean up after him. Known for his messy streaming setup, he hired the maids to help him keep his house tidy. However, when they arrived on August 7, he found it difficult to interact with his chat due to the amount of trash they had to pick up.

Pausing the video he was watching, xQc explained to his chat that he is usually more social and relaxed, but the mess made him feel awkward.

At one point the stream became so awkward that xQc sheepishly opened a notepad window and typed a secret message to the chat as the maids cleaned behind him. He expressed his discomfort, saying, “Normally I’m not like embarrassed chat, so like, I’m more social and chill.” He went on to type about how long they had been cleaning for and looked visibly uncomfortable with the mess he had created for them.

Apologizing to his chat, he admitted to being shy and uncertain of what to say while the maids worked. Feeling self-conscious, he quickly closed his confession to the chat when he noticed one of the maids glancing in his direction. Despite trying to continue the stream casually, xQc’s noticeable embarrassment was evident as he shielded his face with his hand. It appears that he may be more prepared in the future when hiring additional help.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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