Virtual Dining Concepts Hit Back At MrBeast With $100 Million Lawsuit Of Their Own

Virtual Dining Concepts, the company behind Beast Burger restaurants, is counter-suing YouTube star MrBeast for $100 million. The dispute arose after MrBeast announced on June 17 that he would be focusing on his snack business, Feastables, and moving on from his partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts, which had launched over 2,000 “ghost kitchens” to make Beast Burger available nationwide.

MrBeast had filed a lawsuit against the company, citing quality control issues and claiming that customers had complained about the food being “disgusting,” “revolting,” and “inedible.” He also alleged that he had not received his payments from the company, despite it making millions of dollars.

In response, Virtual Dining Concepts called MrBeast’s lawsuit “meritless” and “ill-advised” and accused him of breaching his agreement with the company while attempting to negotiate a new deal for his own financial gain.

Now, Virtual Dining Concepts has filed a countersuit against MrBeast, seeking damages exceeding $100 million. The company claims that the YouTube star’s fame has led him to believe he can renege on his contractual obligations without consequences. The lawsuit cites deleted tweets from MrBeast containing disparaging comments about Beast Burger and Virtual Dining Concepts as evidence of his alleged breach of contract.

As for now, nobody knows how the lawsuit will play out. Since many of the conversations happen behind closed doors, we can only report on what has been said in the public space. Keep your eyes peeled for further developments in this story.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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