Elon Musk Claims Zuckerberg Fight Will Go Ahead And Mentions Twitter Livestream

Elon Musk recently sparked speculation about a potential cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg, two of the world’s most famous tech billionaires. The speculation arose after Elon challenged Zuckerberg to the fight following both of them sharing gym pictures showcasing their training. Despite jokes from Zuckerberg and no official confirmation, Elon seems determined to turn this into a real event.

In a tweet that quickly went viral to his 151 million followers, Musk announced that the fight, dubbed “Zuck v Musk,” would be live-streamed on his rebranded version of Twitter, now known as “X.” He further stated that all proceeds from the event would go to charity, specifically benefiting veterans.

Elon’s posts also revealed his intense preparation for the fight, mentioning that he’s vigorously training and even bringing weights to work since he doesn’t have time for regular workouts.

Having taken over Twitter and rebranded it as “X,” Elon has been actively promoting more video content on the platform. With features like the ability to upload hour-long videos and using the platform to launch a presidential candidate, he’s aiming to reshape its image and cultural significance.

While the full impact of the “X” branding is yet to be seen, the possibility of a high-profile fight between two billionaire tech moguls on the platform could be a significant catalyst for its transformation.

However, many fans of the pair are still not 100% convinced that this kind of fight will ever take place.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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