Barack Obama Plays N64 Smash Brothers For Make-A-Wish Foundation

Former President Barack Obama participated in a Make-A-Wish opportunity where he played Super Smash Bros. In the encounter, he selected a character, and it was revealed that he chose Captain Falcon. This makes sense, as it is a very safe and presidential choice.

The meeting was documented by Twitter user Tafo, who had the chance to play the Nintendo 64 version of the game with the former President. Tafo shared that Obama’s skills were surprisingly impressive, surpassing that of an average casual player. Even though Tafo decided to use Ness instead of his preferred characters, Pikachu and Fox, he still had an enjoyable time playing with Obama.

This news comes amidst discussions about the potential for a new installment in the Super Smash franchise following series creator Masahiro Sakurai’s retirement. While some players eagerly anticipate the next game, others are revisiting the classic titles, with Obama being among those engaging in the nostalgia of the gaming world.

Beyond casual gameplay, it’s worth noting that skilled players can find opportunities in competitive Smash Ultimate tournaments, some of which offer substantial prize pools, ranging from $150,000 to $250,000. This is really quite surprising for a console game, but those who follow the franchise will already know it has had a competitive scene for several decades.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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