Priscilla Chan Not Too Happy About Octagon In Her Back Yard

Mark Zuckerberg’s latest venture into a backyard fighting ring has not received a warm welcome from his wife, Priscilla Chan. It all started with Elon Musk’s shade towards Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, and its upcoming Twitter competitor, Threads. Musk tweeted about Earth being under Zuckerberg’s control with no other options, and when warned about Zuckerberg’s jiu-jitsu skills, he jokingly challenged him to a cage fight.

Zuckerberg didn’t shy away from the challenge and responded with enthusiasm, leading him to prepare seriously for a potential fight with Musk. As part of his preparations, he installed an octagon fighting ring in his backyard, elevating his training routine. However, this addition didn’t sit well with Priscilla Chan, who expressed her concern over the impact on the backyard’s grass that she had been carefully cultivating for two years.

Zuckerberg shared a text exchange with his wife on Instagram, revealing her dissatisfaction with the new addition. He playfully asked his followers through a poll whether he should keep the octagon or protect Chan’s prized lawn. The poll showed that a majority of his followers voted to keep the octagon.

Interestingly, despite the preparations, news reports suggest that the fight between Zuckerberg and Musk may not happen after all, as Zuckerberg himself expressed uncertainty about its materialization during a Meta employee Town Hall.

In the end, it seems like Zuckerberg’s backyard octagon might not see the epic showdown it was initially intended for.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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