KSI Threatens To Slap Jake Paul If The Pair Should Meet

British YouTube sensation KSI has revealed that there are very few people he would like to slap, but his long-standing rival Jake Paul is one of them.

Fans have eagerly anticipated a boxing match between KSI and Jake Paul for years, as the two have engaged in back-and-forth banter. However, with Jake’s recent win over Nate Diaz, the interest in a potential fight remains high.

Initially, a showdown between KSI and Jake Paul was scheduled for 2023. However, after Jake Paul’s defeat against Tommy Fury, it seems the match might not happen as planned.

Now, KSI is focused on facing Tommy Fury and aims to achieve what Jake Paul couldn’t – knocking out Fury on October 14 in Manchester.

Despite his current target being Tommy Fury, KSI hasn’t forgotten about his arch-nemesis, Jake Paul. In a recent SideCast episode with Miniminter, Zerkaa, and Deji, KSI made it clear that he still holds animosity towards Jake Paul and expressed his desire to slap him, stating, “Because f**k him.”

Although KSI has previously mentioned being civil with Jake Paul at Logan Paul’s future wedding (Logan Paul recently got engaged to Nina Agdal), his brother Deji believes that Jake may still try to create issues during the event. KSI responded that he will have to restrain himself if faced with such a situation.

The last time KSI and Jake Paul were in a public setting, it nearly resulted in a brawl between the two YouTubers and their teams. Despite this, both KSI and Jake Paul are hopeful that there won’t be any problems at Logan’s wedding, but only time will tell how things unfold.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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