Vinny From Jersey Shore Takes Aim At Angelina

Even though Vinny wishes Angelina well, he knows how to push her buttons and has no hesitation in doing so.

Vinny and Angelina share a longstanding relationship as they attended the same high school in Staten Island, New York, and have been part of the Jersey Shore show for a long time. Despite their initial claims of no chemistry, there were instances where they grew closer than they admit.

Recently, during the new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Vinny playfully talked about Angelina on Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast. He jokingly referred to Angelina as his “prime target,” referencing their teasing banter.

It has been a running joke on Jersey Shore that Angelina is considered the ‘trash’ of Staten Island, but that didn’t stop Vinny from getting involved with her at times. Even though Angelina is now engaged to her fourth fiancée, Vinny Tortorella, Vinny still playfully teases her about her past engagements on the podcast.

Vinny and Angelina’s relationship has gone through ups and downs, and they even rekindled their romance on a spin-off series. Vinny explained that their dynamic involves a mix of flirting, fighting, and banter, reflecting their comfort level with each other due to their long history as friends and castmates.

While fans won’t see any romantic spark between Vinny and Angelina in the upcoming part of Season 6’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, they can still enjoy the cast’s escapades on MTV every Thursday night.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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