TikTok Is Not Happy With Driver Who Ate Customers Food Order

An alleged DoorDash driver is facing criticism from customers for consuming a non-tipper’s order on camera and boasting about it after falsely claiming to have car problems.

Many food delivery drivers have gained popularity on TikTok, where they share their mischievous acts, often seeking revenge on those who don’t tip.

Over the years, various incidents have been captured, including drivers confronting customers in person, while others prefer using social media to showcase their acts of revenge.

In a recent TikTok video, a user named ‘sidehustleaddict’ disclosed how he picked up a customer’s order and decided to eat it after lying to his employer, DoorDash.

Having collected an order from KFC valued at $5 for a 10-mile delivery, the driver chuckled, saying, “After the delivery, I texted support and told them I have a flat tire.”

Subsequently, he indulged in the customer’s food, relishing their fried chicken sandwich, essentially treating himself to a free meal.

The driver exclaimed, “They gotta remake this order for him. Thank you, DoorDash non-tipper!”

Upon viewing the video, some users expressed displeasure, stating that it is unfair to expect a tip without completing the service. Others believed the video was a self-report and suggested that DoorDash should take action against him for lying about the flat tire. As this was such an obvious case of reporting on his own crime, many TikTok users were suspicious about whether this man worked for DoorDash at all, or whether the entire order was fictional.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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