DJ’s Begin To Cash In On TikTok Meme By Using It In Live Sets

The DJs of TikTok have taken to the platform to showcase their skills and enlighten a perplexed TikToker, ‘madelineargy’, about the intricacies of their job while performing on stage.

Madeline had posted a rant questioning the activities of DJs on stage, expressing doubt that they actually remix songs on the spot and suggesting they prepare their music in advance. She was curious about what the various dials and buttons on their equipment were used for.

In response, the DJs of TikTok have created remixes of Madeline’s video to demonstrate precisely what they do when they’re behind the decks during their performances. One video shows the remix being played at a club, with a lively crowd dancing to the beat. Madeline’s original TikTok is hilariously edited to match the music and displayed on the stage screen.

Another DJ, ’emravemusic’, also shared his remix on TikTok, garnering over 500,000 views. He humorously captioned the video as “What DJs actually do…”.



♬ original sound – LOUD LUXURY

The display has turned Madeline into a meme among DJs, and she has received messages from many DJs who reached out to help her understand the intricacies of their work.

Despite the entertaining remixes, some TikTok users remain unconvinced, with one suggesting that DJs simply press play and adjust the volume. In some of the comments on Tiktok, users claimed that the videos proved Madeline’s point and that meme DJ’s were destroying raves.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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